International activities

During the time of its existence IFER has built a strong position on internatinal field, it cooperated on projects in more than 20 states on 5 continents. IFER offers to its partners reliability, initiative, flexibility and invention when searching for solution of research projects, also technical and technological background and capability to orientate in new and unknown environment.

Till today IFER has cooperated almost with all important forestry institutions in Europe (including FAO, EFI, Joint Research Center and most of forestry universities) and also with many of them in North and South America, Africa and Asia.

An important part of our expert activities abroad is represented by trainings focused on usage of Field-Map – a technology for field data collection. Many of our collegues from different forestry organisations from all around the world came through these trainings – f.e. Ireland, Holland, Slovakia, Romania, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Capo Verde, Uganda, Peru, Venezuela, Malaysia etc.

Examples of our projects