Standing trees volume assessment with Field-Map TIMBER

IFER-MMS has developed a new technology for standing timber volume assessment. This technology is suitable for both forest owners and logging companies who wants to measure accurately the volume of standing trees, for instance in case of forest auctions.

Unlike the conventional approach of measuring only DBH and height, it is even possible to measure the entire stem profile and calculate standing trees volume based on real measurements (also upper diameter) with no need of volume tables. Moreover this technology can be used for reconstructing growing stocks even after logging. This helps to solve disputes on the amount of timber extracted.



Field-Map TIMBER
Data collector software supporting dendrometric measurement with electronic devices and calculation of volume and assortment on standing trees. It also defines price of timber according to local market needs and currency.
Data collection methods:

  • Full callipering
  • Transect (based on density)
  • Transect (based on n. of trees)
  • Relascopic method
  • Reconstruction of stand volume from stumps



  • Flexible data collection methodology
  • Volume is measured very accurately (3% with 85% probability)
  • No volume tables needed
  • Flexible assortment and price calculation according to local conditions
  • Estimation of timber volume also in logged areas
  • It makes forest auctions more reliable/efficient (real volume, assortments and price and no disputes)


For more information please contact: Michal Novotny, email:, tel: +420 241 950 607